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Google to end support for Android Market on Android 2.1 and lower

23 June 2017

Unfortunately, users will not get any notification or message when the Android Market service discontinuing from their devices.

Google just announced on their Android Developers blog that they will be ending support for the Android Market app on June 30. When this change happens, users on these devices will no longer be able to access, or install other apps from, the Android Market. Magic browser, uploaded to Google Play on May 17, masqueraded as an "ultra-fast, simple and practical mobile browser", while Noise Detector promised to let you "easily measure the noise level of the current environment". Google also said that these versions of Android OS "account for only a small number of installs". All users of a smartphone running Android 2.2 or newer than that can use the Google Play Store instead.

According to SlashGear, Google has still up to this point managed the Android Market for these old phones despite the passed seven long years.

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Until June 30, when it will die an honorable death, roughly 7 years after Android 2.1 launched.

Collectively, these two apps - dubbed "Magic browser" and "Noise Detector" - had been installed from Google Play more than 60,000 times, Kaspersky Lab Senior Malware Analyst Roman Unuchek wrote in a Tuesday blog post. Developers don't support Eclair, anyway, since it's so old. Plus, side-loading apps will probably remain as an option. The company says that Google Play will continue to work for devices running Android 2.2 and above. In fact, the version of the app store that is carried on the old mobile devices is said to be the pre-Google Play. Meaning, users of mobile devices running the Android Gingerbread should be ready anytime soon.

Google to end support for Android Market on Android 2.1 and lower