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Google celebrates Oskar Fischinger's 117th Birthday with special doodle

23 June 2017

However, Paramount only allowed to release in black-and-white, which was not communicated to Fischinger when he began his work.

"I hope [the doodle] inspires you to seek out the magic of Fischinger for yourself", he writes.

To mark his 117th birthday Google wants you to think new and visual music composition of your own in honor of filmmaker and abstract animator Oskar Fischinger.

"It's wonderful to know that his work, which has been steadily praised since the 1920s, will continue to receive worldwide recognition".

Web giant Google on Thursday celebrated German-American musician Oskar Fischinger's 117th birth anniversary by putting up an interactive doodle. Each frame was carefully drawn by hand or photographed at a time when there were no computers to fall back on. He often spent months, or even years, planning and creating his works.

"There exists a music of the visual world", is one of Fischinger's famous quotes.

Fischinger had made dozens of films and was a respected member of the European avant-garde when he fled Germany in 1936 and moved to Los Angeles.

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There he met Dr Bernhard Diebold, who urged him to take up film-making. Have you created your own yet?

The films proved enormously popular and were shown in cinemas across the world.

Under the demands of corporate Hollywood, Fischinger grew frustrated at not being able to produce independent films.

When he was frustrated with the film making industry, he used oil painting as an outlet for his anger and completed Motion Painting No.1 in 1947.

Although the film won plaudits - including the Grand Prix at the Brussels International Experimental Film Competition - it did not impress his mentor Hilla Rebay, who had commissioned the film.

Fischinger's family carried out his work with the lumigraph after his death in 1967, with his son creating two more of the instruments and his widow and daughter gave performances with it.

Google celebrates Oskar Fischinger's 117th Birthday with special doodle