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Attorney General Sessions' Testimony To Senate Panel Will Be Public

14 June 2017

As of this writing, it's not clear if that will be in open session, or behind closed doors.

Senator Patrick Leahy, the Senate appropriations committee's top Democrat and a member of the Senate judiciary committee, tartly reminded Sessions that both oversee his department. While the Senate Intelligence Committee has received most of the publicity of late on the Russian Federation probe, the House Intelligence Committee has also been making noise, sending out subpoenas to some, and letters asking for cooperation to others.

Sessions is skipping a separate hearing on Tuesday on the Justice Department's budget and sending his deputy for the session that will be open to the public. He recused himself in March from a federal investigation into contacts between Russian Federation and Donald Trump's presidential campaign after acknowledging that he had met twice a year ago with the ambassador. Sessions, whose contacts with Russia's ambassador to the US during the presidential campaign has sparked questions, agreed Saturday, June 10, to appear before the Senate intelligence committee as it investigates alleged Russian meddling in the election.

Senators on that committee are expected to question Sessions about his meetings with Russians - a topic that has come under increased scrutiny amid investigations into Russian meddling in the US presidential election.

Trump has publicly disputed some of Comey's version of events, including allegations that he asked Comey to potentially drop an investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and Comey's recounting of a private White House dinner where he allegedly asked for "loyalty".

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, responding to Trump's statement last week that he would "100 percent" speak under oath about the Comey affair, said he would like the president to testify in public before the Senate.

Trump on Sunday accused Comey of "cowardly" leaks and predicted many more from him.

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Appearing on CBS's "Face the Nation", Senator Chuck Schumer of NY, the Democratic leader, said Mr. Sessions would need to answer questions about his recommendation that Mr. Comey be fired in light of Mr. Trump's admission that his decision was linked to the Russian Federation investigation.

Sessions said it was great to be there to attest to the support Trump has from law enforcement "all over America".

"We have to keep in mind that this is one person's record of what happened". "If there aren't tapes, he should let that be known. No more game playing", Schumer said.

Trump alluded to tapes in a May tweet.

Several Republicans said on Sunday that while Mr. Trump's request was troubling, it was not criminal.

On "Fox & Friends" Monday, Conway noted Comey's testimony that Loretta Lynch, as President Barack Obama's attorney general, directed him to describe the FBI probe into Hillary Clinton's email practices as a "matter" and to avoid calling it an investigation.

Attorney General Sessions' Testimony To Senate Panel Will Be Public