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Conway links Anderson Cooper's eye roll to sexism

12 May 2017

" the current Counselor to the President appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 to discuss Donald Trump's recent firing of FBI Director James Comey - and in the process, inspired an epic eye roll from Cooper".

Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey was sacked from his position by Donald Trump on the recommendation of the Justice Department.

"Now, your White House is saying that what [Comey] did was wrong, but previously, as a candidate, Donald Trump was saying it was the right thing", Cooper said Conway, referring to Comey's handling of the Clinton probe.

"Let me tell you something", Conway said on "Fox & Friends" Thursday. "I was on your show often last fall saying we were going to win MI and how we were going to do it, so that was fun".

"Could you imagine...having a male anchor on the network roll eyes at Hillary Clinton, at somebody, a female representative spokeswoman for President Obama or President Bill Clinton?".

The best thing about FBI Director James Comey's firing is that it brought Kellyanne Conway back, and I can't lie, I've missed her. Sean "Spicy Facts" Spicer has gotten a bit better at dodging questions about this dodgy-ass administration, but Conway is pure.

Then, she alleged a double standard.

Yes, examples of sexism against Conway exist, but not when she attempts to mold them to fit her own narrative.

SNL returned earlier this year, and couldn't leave one person alone - Kellyanne Conway, AKA "Couch Legs". Since that time, the formerly ubiquitous Conway has seen her public profile diminish considerably, so much so that Saturday Night Live parodied her absence on this past weekend's show with a sketch called "Where In The World Is KellyAnne Conway?".

Advocaat returns as Dutch boss for third time
"I have the holy belief that these two as a team can lead us to the World Cup". "We went for the second option". His nickname is "The Little General", a reference to his mentor, the late Michels.

When confronted by BuzzFeed about her support of a white nationalist, she claimed she didn't do it and didn't know who did.

"I don't consider myself a feminist", Conway told the Washington Post.

"I denounce whoever it is".

While making no mention of the emails in a letter to Comey, Trump did explain that the dismissal was to restore "public trust and confidence".

But that argument is about ideology - that she doesn't believe Cooper would have rolled his eyes at a Democrat.

And she certainly doesn't want to go viral.

Both statements were contradicted shortly afterwards by White House spokesman Sean Spicer.

"It does make sense, Anderson, I get that's a new talking point-" Conway said.

Conway links Anderson Cooper's eye roll to sexism