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The Second Scottish Referendum on Independence is Closer than You Think

01 May 2017

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon reacted to Mrs May's foray north by urging voters not to allow the nation to be "dragged back" by an "increasingly hard-line right wing Tory Government" in Westminster.

Gavin Newlands MP highlighted the SNP Scottish government's strong record for pensioners - including protecting and investing in Free Personal and Nursing Care for the elderly, protecting Winter Fuel Payments and working with Age Scotland to increase the uptake of financial support available to older people.

The Tories' reckless Brexit gamble has given the Nationalists the excuse they have been looking for to try to force another independence referendum on the people of Scotland.

He said: "Labour's proud record shows what can be achieved when a government focuses on the day job".

The visit came on the 20th anniversary of Labour winning the 1997 election under Tony Blair - and ahead of the forthcoming general election on 8 June.

"Labour should also be concentrating on stopping the Tories - by pandering to the Tories they are letting down voters in this election".

Electoral Reform Society director Willie Sullivan said: " It's positive that by and large parties are putting forward more candidates than last time - and it means more choice and a stronger voice for voters under Scotland's proportional voting system.

But Mrs May's visit underlined the size of the victory she thinks is within her grasp, with the Tories now the leading unionist party north of the border, according to polls.

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She reminded Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson that it was a Tory administration under the late Ted Heath which decided that "in the wider United Kingdom context, the fishermen must be regarded as expendable" in 1973, when Britain first went into the European Economic Community, as the EU then called itself. "It's very clear that even people who voted Yes in 2014, they don't want one".

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says May's government has not taken the proposals seriously, and she wants a new vote on independence from Britain before its expected March 2019 exit from the EU.

The Scottish government now provides 16 hours a week of free childcare for three- and four-years-olds and vulnerable two-years-olds, and has pledged increase this to 30 hours by 2020.

The survey found 41% favour independence for Scotland inside the European Union while 10% support Scottish independence outside the EU.

The Scottish Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson told Iain Dale that Nicola Sturgeon is trying to use Scotland's Remain vote as a proxy for independence.

The Tories are styling themselves as the party to preserve the union, while the SNP wants a second Scottish independence referendum. However, it is too little too late for the SNP, who have neglected this area during their obsessive pursuit of independence.

Voters will go to the polls in the council election on Thursday.

The Second Scottish Referendum on Independence is Closer than You Think